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How can I decide which weight loss products are the most suitable for me?

The Tisanoreica® diet program is a methodology protected by a patent and a registered trademark and consists of a range of weight loss products that work to achieve the desired objectives in terms of health and well-being, based on the specific requirements of the individual customer.

Which are the most effective weight loss products?

Tisanoreica® is an effective diet that lets you lose weight quickly but in a healthy way because it is based on ketosis (in the Tisanoreica® diet it is specifically "green ketosis"), the mechanism that promotes weight loss by replacing carbohydrates with proteins as the body's main energy source. Its range of products is very effective at encouraging weight loss from stubborn areas such as the belly, by combining Decottopia® products, PAT® products (the range of Tisanoreica® Food Servings) and all kinds of foods. Based on the customer's state of health and how overweight they are, we recommend that they follow either the Intensive or Stabilisation phase of the Basic Protocol for between 20 to 42 days, or follow alternative weight loss regimes, depending on the customer's personal needs.

Can I use Tisanoreica® products without sacrificing variety at the table?

The Tisanoreica Diet® is effective and easy to follow because it offers a wide range of "balanced" slimming food products containing high quality nutrients as well as the PAT® products, which should preferably be eaten together with an every-day, high-quality Italian diet including vegetables, meat, fish and eggs. You can achieve excellent results quickly and effectively following this diet, while losing weight in a healthy way.

Where can I find guidance on how to find the best weight loss products for me?

The very useful and rapid-response nutritional-herbal Tisanoreica® Study Centre consultancy service not only provides personalised advice on how to lose weight, but also provides genuine support during every phase of the protocol until the diet has been completed and during the maintenance phase that follows. The Tisanoreica® Diet is simple to follow thanks to the practical, pre-packed kits that contain a variety of highly effective slimming products, available from Pharmacies, Health Food Stores, Herbalists, Beauty Salons, Fitness Centres, and InTisanoreica® Centres. There is also a wide range of products available for maintaining your ideal weight and for holding on to that feeling of health and fitness.

Why are Tisanoreica® weight loss products better than others?

Tisanoreica® weight loss products reduce fat mass without compromising body tissue tone and encourage weight loss in the "right" areas (such as the stomach) where fat tends to accumulate, while preserving muscle mass and providing the body with all the nutrients it needs, without the fear of succumbing to the infamous "yo-yo effect" caused by the so-called "“feast or famine hormones” or "hunger hormones". These are triggered following rapid weight loss, setting in motion a powerful fat recovery response mechanism in an attempt to regain the lost weight. In fact, in order to counteract the "famine" for calories, the body tries to limit energy consumption by lowering the body's basal metabolic rate and, in doing so, acts in detriment to lean mass, i.e. muscle mass.

But when I have reached the end of the diet how can I keep the weight off?

Unfortunately when you start eating normally, now that the body has "learned" to consume fewer calories, the weight lost during the diet is quickly put back on as "fat mass".

According to a study carried out by the Mech Lab, the Laboratory in the Physiology Unit of the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Padua, which had as its research topic the "physiological effects of nutrition and exercise with particular reference to ketogenic diets and the state of ketosis", these hormones are not re-activated following the Tisanoreica® Diet thanks to the protocol's use of "green ketosis" and to the beneficial effects of the medicinal herbs in the PAT® products and in all the Tisanoreica® Diet products. So the weight lost will not be put back on.